Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett
Is Elizabeth Bennett a dirty judge?

Friday, September 25, 2015


Insiders report that British Columbia Chief Justice Robert Bauman and several of his colleagues on the bench are the target of an RCMP investigation of judicial case rigging by Bauman, as a judge, to favour former law partners accused of fraud and corruption while Bauman was a member of the same law firm, Bull Housser Tupper, which is also the law firm where the corrupt Chief Justice of Canada, Beverly McLachlin practised law before she was made a judge.

McLachlin has been protecting Bauman and Bauman has been protecting McLachlin over the past two decades as Bauman was artfully moved from position of Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia to Chief Justice of the Court of Appeal for British Columbia while the stench of corruption moved along with him.

Elizabeth Bennett was lifted to the Court of Appeal with Bauman's approval because her dirty past (where she colluded with then Crown prosecutor Austen Cullen) was catching up to her at the Supreme Court of British Columbia. 

Bennett, under the direction of Bauman, recently blocked a case from moving forward on a technicality in order to protect former Prime Minister Jean Chretien and an umber of his colleagues who were involved in the Water War Crimes.

According to a reliable source who blew the whistle on child abusing Judge Ramsey, who was convicted, and child molesting Chief Judge Stansfield, who committed suicide, earlier in her career, Bennett was part of the legal group inside the Crown Prosecution Service, where Austen Cullen also worked, that protected child sexual offenders.

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