Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett
Is Elizabeth Bennett a dirty judge?

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Elizabeth Bennett
It is the editors opinion that Elizabeth Bennett is a crooked judge.

We will be posting information about her dirty attempt to deny access to justice for a British Columbia resident senior citizen who was attempting to appeal a dirty court order that took away all of his  retirement income. 

This was despicable conduct by this former government lawyer, Elizabeth Bennett, who was appointed to her position by one of Canada's most corrupt Prime Ministers the notorious Jean Chretien.

If you have information that confirms our opinion that Elizabeth Bennett is a dirty judge please contact Joe Adam at legaljudicialblogs@gmail.com

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Freemason Ujjal Dosanjh
Elizabeth Bennett first came to public attention when she was hand picked by the corrupt Department of Justice in Ottawa and the equally corrupt Ministry of the Attorney General for British Columbia to be the presiding judge in the "show trial" against former British Columbia Premier Glen Clark who was removed from office by a craftily engineered police raid on his home shown on national TV and orchestrated by friends of Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Freemason Gordon Campbell that included Provincial NDP turncoat, traitor, Freemason Attorney General Ujjal Dosanjh

Gordie Campbell
Dosanjh and Campbell, both being Freemason brothers, had allegiances to each other that took precedence over party loyalty so the Freemason controllers in Vancouver were able to persuade Dosanjh to work with the plan to destroy Premier Glen Clark notwithstanding the fact Campbell and Dosanjh were on different teams, politically. Different puppets under the control of the same Master.

Immediately prior to her appointment as a Supreme Court judge, Elizabeth Bennet went over to the other side of the street and left the Crown Counsel Office in Vancouver and went to work for prominent defence lawyer and Freemason, Richard Peck.

A Freemason Logo
Elizabeth Bennett with her Freemason controllers / puppet masters by way of Richard Peck could be relied upon to keep the lid on the trial so that Campbell, Dosanjh and Chretien would not be exposed as part of the gang that took down Glen Clark. This is one of the ways the dirty judge game is played in British Columbia.

Not long afterwards, in Hawaii, the law caught up to Campbell and put him in prison for a few days because he was drunk out of his "Gord", pun intended, driving the wrong way down a divided highway. A crook is a crook.

Campbell suddenly resigned from his position as Premier of BC office when a couple of bloggers started exposing the fact that he was a using taxpayers money to pay his mistress a salary of $150,000 per year. He and she have not paid back a dime of the money they took under false pretences in violation of the Members Conflict of Interest Act.

In Canada, Freemasonry is actually a criminal organization for two very important reasons

1.  Freemason members use signals, gestures, and code words and code phrases in court proceedings in order to secretly communicate with a judge for the purpose of influencing the outcome of a hearing or trial. As a result innocent people are sent to jail or fined in criminal proceedings or are deprived of equal justice in civil proceedings. British Columbia Freemasonry has a notorious reputation for such shenanigans.

2. Freemasons in Canada do not comply with the mandatory reporting provisions of the Unlawful Societies Act that was passed by the English Parliament in 1799 and that is still part of the law in Canada and can only be repealed by an Act of the Canadian Parliament as a result of the Statute of Westminster passed by the English Parliament in 1932.  The penalty for non-compliance with the Unlawful Societies Act is 7 years imprisonment.

The Unlawful Societies Act of 1799 was passed after the English ruling classes watched the debacles of losing their colonies in the successful American rebellion led by Freemason George Washington and after watching the merciless slaughter of their cousins among the French ruling classes by the successful French rebellion that was also led by prominent Freemasons. 

American and French Freemasonry had a legitimate purpose in the establishment a republican form of government in those countries. 

Canadian Freemasonry is a dangerous criminal organization that has infiltrated the courts and the police.

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There is more coming about the unelected, supposedly unaccountable, Justice Elizabeth Bennett and her pals at the Court of Appeal who are covering up the murder of fellow judges by their decisions.

Click here to read about the MURDER of Federal Court of Appeal Justice Carolyn Layden-Stevenson by Secret Agents of the federal Department of Justice and the BC Ministry of Attorney General


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In addition to her connections to Freemasonry, which some argue is the real or de facto government of British Columbia, Bennett is deeply connected to the criminal gang inside the Crown Prosecution Service of British Columbia that is an arm of the Ministry of the Attorney General that approved Bennett's appointment to the Supreme Court and her elevation to the Court of Appeal.  When Premier Glen Clark was removed from office he had serious enemies inside the Ministry of the Attorney General who had committed serious crimes under the previous Social Credit regime . Some of these Clark had dismissed outright, while others he had threatened with dismissal.  Clark had enemies within and they were also allies in the coup d'état against him. Elizabeth Bennett could be relied on to protect the identity of these persons and their criminal activity as the prosecution of Premier Glen Clark proceeded and she continues, to this day to abuse her position on the court and make decisions that protects the criminals inside the government, especially her co-workers at the notoriously corrupt British Columbia Ministry of the Attorney General that is engaged in all kinds of serious crimes including child kidnapping to supply the child porn business and child sex trafficking business, drug trafficking dealing, and the use of violence and terrorism to steal private property for the benefit of the civil service pension plan.

Click here to read the Shocking Story of State Sponsored Terrorism in British Columbia and the Looting of the English Family Resort on Vancouver Island 

A key player was former Vancouver Crown Counsel, Austin Cullen, who was specifically promoted to the position of Assistant Deputy Minister for the Attorney General in order to manage the special prosecution of Premier Glen Clark. Cullen had been a co-worker of Bennett at the Vancouver Crown Counsel office and he and the dirty Chief Justice Brenner, made sure Bennett was appointed to preside at the case against Premier Clark because they had the confidence that Bennett would protect the criminal insiders who were involved in the coup d'état against Premier Clark and a host of other crimes.

When all the dirty work against Premier Clark was over and done, Austin Cullen was rewarded by an appointment to the position of a Supreme Court Justice (March 2001) where he earns about $250,000 per year and where he could visit more with his old girl friend, Elizabeth. A few years later Cullen was made Associate Chief Justice of the Supreme Court where he was continues to use his influence to protect the criminals inside the administration of justice.

When Cullen was made a Supreme Court judge he arranged to take with him another girlfriend from the Crown Counsel's Office, namely Heather Holmes, who, along with Elizabeth can be relied on to do dirty justice in cases that need to be fixed, such as the recent case where Justice Heather refused to allow a litigant to have access to court documents that would have disclosed how the system of justice in British Columbia is rigged from the inside and who is behind it the rigging. Heather was protecting criminals and she knew it and she was doing it with the approval of Austin Cullen. The criminals in the court system are determined to protect themselves.

Both Cullen and Bennett show up as major pervert protectors in the files of child sex abuse investigator Rob Nicholson who claims that they rigged a number of cases to protect child molestors when they worked with the Crown Prosecution Service.

The Court of Appeal for British Columbia and the Supreme Court of British Columbia are both cesspools of corruption, filth and criminality.

There are some good and honest judges in the courts but they are afraid to speak out because they may be murdered also.

Several years ago, Justice John Bouck spoke out and revealed to public in a number of major news articles he wrote that the Chief Justice was rigging the court by selecting special judges for special cases just like Chief Justice Bauman is doing at the British Columbia Court of Appeal. 

More to come...

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