Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett
Is Elizabeth Bennett a dirty judge?

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

More Evidence Emerges That Elizabeth Bennett Is A Judge In Trouble.

Elizabeth Bennett
A reader recently contacted the Editors to confirm that Elizabeth Bennett is a dirty judge

According to the reader "...  She is involved in coverup of massive breach of trust and fraud against Canadian investors... "

...carried out by the HSBC Bank of Canada.  

The allegation by the reader has the ring of authenticity because the HSBC Bank of Canada is the subsidiary of the HSBC Bank - a notorious bank with a long criminal record of money laundering, tax evasions and more recently the funding of drug cartels and terrorists who are murdering Canadian soldiers and citizens and the soldiers and citizens of Canada's friends and allies.   

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The Editors have not fully investigated the complaint but the allegation corroborates the earlier complaints that Elizabeth Bennett was presiding over cases where she has a financial interest in the outcome because her pension plan that that she hopes to collect as a result of her long term employment with the Government of British Columbia is deeply  connected to HSBC.

Like a number of her colleagues at the corrupt British Columbia  Court of Appeal, Elizabeth Bennett has a track record of protecting dirty, lying, cheating, government employees at the expense of law abiding private citizens.

If you have information that about corruption and corruption control of Elizabeth Bennett please contact the editors at legaljudicialblogs@gmail.com

Not surprisingly, the reader also claimed that Master Peter Keighly and Judges Mary Newbury, and Nicole Garson were part of the legal and judicial conspiracy against her. 

Keighley was a key player  in the dirty Law Society of British Columbia criminal conspiracy that sabotaged British Columbia lawyer Karl Eisbrenner in 2002 and all three, Keighly Newbury and Garson are part of a similar criminal conspiracy that is presently under way to attempt to loot the property of Tofino area residents Jack English and his family.

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Editors Note:  The readers should be aware that a judge like Elizabeth Bennett is appointed to her position because she can be controlled.  This is how the judicial game works in British Columbia and other parts of Canada.  For example, a few years ago, the Provincial Government, here in British Columbia, appointed a notorious pedofile to Provincial Court and, after a few years, Freemason Premier Gordon Campbell, made him the Chief Judge. The criminal gang (some of whom are Freemasons) that operates inside the Provincial Government and the Gordon Campbell Government appointed the man to the position so they could control him.  The poor guy should have been treated for his obvious disease and mental aberration but instead the criminals in the Provincial Government and the other gangs that control many parts of the government used him, abused him and abused a whole lot of innocent children so they could have their man on the court to do the dirty deeds for them just like they are using Elizabeth Bennett.  Eventually, someone blew the whistle and the Chief Judge suddenly died in what we have been informed was an assisted suicide so he could avoid prosecution and social disgrace.

If you know Elizabeth Bennett personally we encourage you to advise her to come clean and expose her controllers before it is too late.

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