Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett
Is Elizabeth Bennett a dirty judge?

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Fordham University Law School Fooled By Phoney Canadian Judge

Liz Bennett Fools Fordham 
Poor ole Fordham University Law School was fooled by the phoney and, in our opinion, dangerously crooked Canadian Judge Elizabeth Bennett and mistakenly thinking she was an honest judge, which she is not, invited her to be on a panel on October 6, 2016. convened at the Lincoln Center campus to launch the new Neuroscience and Law Center at Fordham Law School.

Liz is so dangerous that the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police took the unusual step of applying to be an intervener in a case where crooked Judge Liz favoured political criminals and threatened the security of police informants across Canada. She is either a scumbag, compromised or incredibly stupid.  

Click here to unanimous judgement of Supreme Court of Canada rebuking the crooked Justice Liz Bennett.

There is Liz in the photo, second from the left.

Click here to go to full story

One thing about the truth is that it is like a rock.

The truth can be covered up, buried and swept away but, like a rock, it keeps sticking up, poking itself over the sand, out of the water and telling the world what is really going on behind the deceit and deception of the criminal gang operating inside the administration of justice in British Columbia, Canada.       

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