Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett
Is Elizabeth Bennett a dirty judge?

Monday, August 29, 2016

More Dirt On Elizabeth Bennett and Her Fitness To Be A Judge

Liz Bennett Is A Liar 
an Henry
spent more than 27 years locked inside some of Canada’s toughest jails and prisons, wrongly convicted of a string of violent sexual assaults, rapes that he didn’t commit. He was declared a dangerous offender. He lost his family, his reputation, a huge chunk of his life."

Crown counsel’s wrongful non-disclosure seriously infringed Mr. Henry’s right to a fair trial,” Hinkson wrote in his decision.

“If Mr. Henry had received the disclosure to which he was entitled, the likely result would have been his acquittal at his 1983 trial … and certainly the avoidance of his sentencing as dangerous offender.”

In 1982 Elizabeth Bennett, a newly admitted lawyer, went to work for the same dirty law firm, the Provincial Crown Counsel's office that suppressed evidence and otherwise destroyed a  person by locking him up when he had committed no crimes.

According to her online biography:

From 1987 to 1994 Elizabeth Bennett was  a senior appellate counsel dealing with criminal appeals.

From 1996 to 1997 Elizabeth Bennett was acting director of criminal appeals.

During all of this period, Elizabeth Bennett and her pals at the Crown Counsel`s office were part of an organization that suppressed evidence and kept an innocent man in jail.

This kind of conduct is commonplace by government lawyers in British Columbia.

In 1997, a corrupt Canadian Justice Minister, Anne McLellan, appointed Liz to the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

McLellan appointed a number of crooked judges to the Courts of Canada and those judges caused a lot of harm and harmed many innocent people and Elizabeth Bennett is one of those judges.

Observers say Elizabeth Bennett is a sadistic psychopath because she takes delight in harming people.

In the Editors opinion, Elizabeth Bennett is a lowlife criminal who made a fraudulent judgment in the case involving the English family and lawyer Greg Harney who tried to rip them off for $1.12 million because she took secret instructions from third parties connected to Mr. Harney and the Government of British Columbia.

Mr. English and his advisors have documented proof that Liz Bennett is a liar and her judgement was fraudulent and they have provided that proof to the RCMP the Canadian Judicial Council, the Minister of Justice for  British Columbia and the Minister of Justice for Canada.

Elizabeth Bennett is not the only judge person from the Crown Prosecutors office who may have been directly involved in the suppression of evidence in the Ivan Henry case.

The current Associate Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia Austin Cullen was formerly the Regional Crown Counsel when the Crown Counsel Office that was suppressing evidence in the Ivan Henry case and current Supreme Court of British Columbia Justice Heather Holmes was also a lawyer in that crooked office. Heather Holmes has a clear and established record of suppressing evidence to protect BC government insiders in at case involving British Columbia lawyer John Carten who was railroaded by the lawyers at the Attorney General Ministry and judges from that Ministry a few years back.  Mr. Carten maintains the Water War Crimes web site that has done an excellent job exposing legal and judicial corruption in Canada resulting in the termination of a number of those legal and judicial criminals. 

Dirty Suzanne Anton 
More importantly the present Attorney General of British Columbia Suzanne Anton was also involved in the Ivan Henry case.

Suzanne, like the criminal perverts that kept and innocent man behind bars for 27 years instructed her crooked lawyers to resist the Ivan Henry case to the bitter end when the Federal Crown under newly elected Justin Trudeau had already agreed to a settlement.

Suzanne Anton was a player in the same effort by Heather Holmes to suppress evidence in the case of lawyer John Carten where both Elizabeth Bennett and Healther Holmes were actively protecting criminals inside the administration of justice.

Suzanne, Elizabeth and Heather should all be given lengthy jail terms so they can have a taste of their own medicine.

Elizabeth Bennett, Heather Holmes and Austin Cullen, all of them crooked, was all appointed to their judge positions by the notorious former dirty Minister of Justice, Anne McLellan

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