Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett
Is Elizabeth Bennett a dirty judge?

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Whitewash of Glen Clark by Elizabeth Bennett

For some strange reason Global News has decided to review the strange case of the take down of British Columbia Premier Glen Clark by the RCMP. in a story entitled  "The police and the premier: remembering the RCMP raid on Glen Clark’s home" by journalist, Justin McElroy.  

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 ...On August 20, 1999, the majority of the warrant against Clark was released to the public, and Attorney General, Ujjal Dosanjh, announced the premier was under criminal investigation. The next day, Clark stepped down, maintaining his innocence....

Eventually, the case went before the Elizabeth Bennett who was appointed a judge in 1997 when Glen Clark was the Premier of British Columbia and Ujjal Dosanjh was the Attorney General.  Bennett had had a long career as a British Columbia civil servant, not surprisingly Bennttt ruled in favour of the leader of the gangs that approved her for the job no doubt with the approval of others from the Ottawa based political gangs that gave her the final approval.

Bennett wrote as follows concerning Premier Clark:

There is no question Mr. Clark exercised poor judgement in hiring Mr. Pilarinos to do renovations for him when Mr. Pilarinos had an application for a casino licence before the government. However, there is nothing in his conduct that crosses the line from an act of folly to behaviour calling for criminal sanctions” – Justice Elizabeth Bennett, acquitting Clark in 2002, two years after charges were laid. 

In the Editors opinion, Justice Elizabeth Bennett was put in the case against Glen Clark because she could be relied on to follow orders from her owners and that is the same reason she was recently put on the case involving British Columbia lawyer, John Frederick Carten, and British Columbia resort owner, John Douglas English, and, probably, a host of other cases where her owners or handlers have an interest.

That criminal attack on John Frederick Carten and his family by a criminal gangs operating secretly inside in the courts and government of British Columbia is well documented and not denied by the British Columbia government.

The criminal attack on John Douglas English and his family by a similar gang is also well documented.

The criminal attack on Karen Gibbs and her family be a similar gangs is well documented.

Over and over we hear stories of abuse and crookedness by the government and the judiciary and it is becoming more and more obvious that there is a plan.

As these stories come to light, we begin to recognize and prove who the criminals and believe it or not they begin to drop dead or quit. 

A SAD STORY BUT ONE THAT APPEARS TO BE VERY TRUE and not uncommon in Canada!!!

We wonder if Justice Bennett's life is in danger and if the RCMP have been alerted to the dangers she faces from the criminal gang that has murdered other judges in Canada including several in British Columbia and one, possibly, two in Ottawa.

It seems shame for them to kill their own like that.

So why are  Justin McElroy and Global News using this particular time to bring these matters that concern the legitimacy of Elizabeth Bennett back into the public mind?
We never knew Elizabeth Bennett.

 She did her job. 

She was definitely on a mission.     

But, she does have this uncanny knack of showing up in case after case where there is a government interest to protect.

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